MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele
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MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele
"Smokin' Dragon" Inlaid Solid-Koa Guitar-Style Soprano Ukulele
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"Smokin' Dragon" Solid-Koa Guitar-Style Soprano Ukulele (070062-UG)  
Classic guitar-style soprano ukulele with oustanding smokin' dragon design mother of pearl and abalone inlay. Solid Koa is the classic ukulele timber in that many of the earliest ukuleles were made in Hawaii (by Potuguese luthiers) from Koa. The unique and beautiful Koa gives the instrument a rich, warm sound unlike that of lesser quality ukuleles. This instrument was constructed by Antoniotsai's Guitar and Mandolin Arts. Antoniotsai has workshops in Taiwan, Canada and Vietnam.

This beautifully inlaid ululele was designed by Antoniotsai. It was hand-inlaid with several hundred pieces of abalone and mother-of-pearl by a renowned luthier on Tony's workshop team. Antoniotsai(Tony) is an internationally-renknowned Taiwanese inlay artist and luthier. He is also a master repairman and restorer of museum pieces.

(from Antoniotsai product information)

  MandoHarp - ITEM_TITLE

Soprano Ukuleles

The original size ukulele with a scale length of approximately 13" and an overall length of around 21".


Classic original shaped Ukulele with a body shape based on the acoustic guitar.

Specifications for this particular instrument


Measurement cm inches
Overall Length 55.5 21 3/4
Body Width 17.8 7
Body Depth 6 2 3/8
Scale Length 34.5 13 1/2
Nut width 3.5 1 3/8

Construction Materials

Component Material
Sound Board Solid Koa
Side and Back Boards Solid Koa with abalone and mother of pearl inlays
Fingerboard Rosewood with abalone inlays
Bridge Rosewood
Saddle Buffalo bone
Nut Buffalo bone
Case Brown hard shell case with black plush interior. Rubber protector strips and metal feet.
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MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele




MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele

MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele



MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele


MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele



MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele



MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele

MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele
MandoHarp - "Smokin Dragon" Solid-Koa Soprano Ukulele

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