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MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp
Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp - SELECT KEY
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The Hohner PentaHarp

The Hohner PentaHarp harmonica is built for all musicians, not just harmonica players. With an easy-to-understand intuitive design, you don’t have to use advanced techniques to get the notes that you know will work. You can play melodies and solos effortlessly. The Pentatonic scale is one of the most useful scales in music for decades. Guitarists know this scale as “Playing in the Box.” Play any of these notes in the right key and you wont play a wrong note. Hohner took this a step further by adding what is known as the “Blue Note,” which is an additional note which adds a little chromatic run for extra expression and is known as the Blues Scale. To play this scale on a standard harmonica, you would have to perfect advanced techniques that could take years to master.

There is no need to play in 2nd position or “Cross Harp” position. The PentaHarp is straightforward in its tuning. You can play in the same key the song is in or the same harmonica can play a song in a major key if it is the relative minor. The notes are laid out in such a way that you do not need to draw bend, blow bend or overblow to play a useful scale. The versatility the PentaHarp brings opens up a world of possibilities for both beginners and pro players alike.


  • No wrong notes!
  • Play a useful scale without learning advanced techniques
  • Intuitive note layout
  • Play in the Box!


  • Does what other harmonicas can’t!
  • Draw bend on every hole across the entire range of the harmonica
  • Easy octaves with no change to embouchure
  • Play the Major Pentatonic scale using hole 2 draw as the root note with available bends and overblows

Use the PentaHarp Tab Generator Tool to make harmonica tablature and hear how it sounds!

Pentaharp Harmonica Tab Generator Tutorial

Download 10 Songs To Get You Started

(from Hohner Product Information)


MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp

MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp

MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp

MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp

MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp

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  • Made in Germany
  • Wide open channel design enhance pressure to ensure maximum loudness
  • Ergonomically designed blue plastic comb for complete comfort
  • Reed plates fitted with Philips head screws permit easy removal to facilitate maintenance
  • Sturdy and attractive blue plastic case
  • Available in Am, Bbm, Cm, Dm, Em, LFm and Gm

Basic Information

Attribute Description
Tuning Richter
Holes 10
Reeds 20


Measurement mm inches
Overall Length 100 3 15/16
Overall Width 26 1
Overall Depth 21 13/16

Construction Materials

Component Material
Covers Stainless Steel
Comb Blue plastic with rounded sides and edges
Reed plates Brass 0.9 mm
Case Tough blue plastic case with PentaHarp logo


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MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp
MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp
MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp
MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp
MandoHarp - Hohner Harmonica - M21X PentaHarp
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