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Quality instruments for discerning musicians.

Proudly owned and operated in rural Australia by
Australian musicians and craftsmen.
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Availability status last updated: 9th January 16.
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Loudbark Custom Harmonica Microphones

Unfortunately Loudbark microphones are not currently being manufactured. The last news from Loudbark some time ago was that they hope to begin production again soon. More information will be posted here as soon as we receive it.

Manufactured in Australia by Loudbark. These wonderful Aussie timber microphones can be overdriven for that Chicago blues sound but can also be played clean and mellow if you want a smoother straight harp sound. A mic for all seasons! Dane Clarke at MandoHarp (harp player with Headland and The Gypsy Tarts) has been 'loudbarking' with a Loudbark Leaf mic at every gig for the last six years and highly recommends them. He also highly recommends the Loudbark team, Rowan and Michelle Beeby.

Vintage Harmonica Microphones

MandoHarp is not currently supplying vintage microphones. For these types of mics we highly recommend Roger Nelson at Kingtone Microphones (

Modern Harmonica Microphones

While we recommend Loudbark mics above all others, MandoHarp also offers some of the more well-known modern harmonica microphones.

  • Hohner Blues Blaster
  • Shaker Series
  • Suzuki MS-100 Finger Microphone

Check the Accessories | Microphones section of our Harmonica Index for further information.

Loudbark Timber Red Flamer Meisterklasse, Astatic JT31, Shaker Madcat, Loudbark, Leaf,  Crystal  Bullet Loudbark Timber Red Flamer
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About MandoHarp

At MandoHarp we play the instruments we sell! Each of our musician and craft associates has over thirty years experience within their area of expertise. At MandoHarp our pimary areas of expertise are Mandolins and Harmonicas, hence our name. We also have associates who work with a wide range of instruments, especially folk. At MandoHarp we appreciate fine instruments and we want you to have them!

Personal Service

At MandoHarp we like to get to know our customers - we're musicians and we like to get to know other musicians. We love to talk with musicians whenever possible (probably a bit too much!). And especially musicians who are interested in our instruments. Please feel more than welcome to email ( or phone us (02-65685545) to discuss your music at any time.

Inspections, trials and pickup by prior arrangement are welcome at our workshop in Nambucca Heads, near Coffs Harbour on the NSW North Coast.

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Our goal at MandoHarp is to provide instruments you will cherish for many years to come.